Useful Information about the wedding day

Are our children invited, as well? 

We consider all invited children, as our own! 

Our nephews and nieces, as well as the kids of our close friends, are more than welcome! We have arranged several activities for them to ensure that they will also have a pleasant and creative time! will take good care of your children's entertainment. Kids will be sitted with their parents but they can also sit and dine in special tables located in the place that their activities will take place. 

A large special tent will be set in kids' entertainment section, so they can also rest or sleep, if needed. 

Can we attend the preparation of groom and bride?

You are welcome to visit us, while we are getting ready for our wedding. 

Maria will be in her family's house, Kallipoleos 112, 71306 (first floor). 

Neil will be with his family in Kallipoleos 118, 71306 (groundfloor). 

Is there any gift list?

You don't need to bring any gift, in order to attend our wedding. There is nothing we need for our house, or ourselves. 

If, however, you insist on bringing us a gift, you can place the traditional envelops in a white, ceramic, pomegranate vessel that you will find in the church and later in the reception. 

For the least traditional, you can offer your gift in the account noted below. 

GR100110470000014793873747, National Bank of Greece

26th of August, 2023

Panagiotaki Venue, Heraklion

Spilia, 71500 

There is parking area inside the venue.