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Do you need some information about Crete? 

 If you want to combine our wedding, with your vacation we have a recommendation for you! 

The above website is the best Cretan guide, including info about the nature, archaeological sites, etc. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info or details! 

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City bus info:

KTEL for various villages and cities of Crete:

Taxi and van contacts that we trust: 

Kostas Psarakis (+30)6947891190


Our recommendations:

The city center inside of the Heraklion walls is full of life, any time of the year! 

Visit the Lions Square and taste a traditional bougatsa and greek coffee in Kir- Kor. 

Additionally, you will find many Greek taverns, serving Raki, cafe-bars and several options for shopping. Below, you can find the most popular streets of Heraklion: Gramvousis, Avgoustou 25th, Dedalou, 1866 (old market), Milatou, St. Titos square, Meramvellou, Kalokerinou, 1821.

Our beloved cousin, Lila, has made an Heraklion center guide. You can follow the paths and the pins and enjoy the most important points of interest in the city center. 

How about a city walk that combines nature? 

Visit Theotokopoulos park, Georgiadis park, Karavolas (beach walk), the Castle and the small port or walk on the Walls!  

Other places of interest:

 Knossos Palace, the Archaeological museum, Kazantzakis' grave (on the walls), the Natural History museum, CRETAquarium Thalassokosmos, Dinosaur park. 

Local people can inform you regarding any concert, theatrical plays and festivals, that may take place in the city, during your stay. 

26th of August, 2023

Panagiotaki Venue, Heraklion

Spilia, 71500 

There is parking area inside the venue.